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Student Government Association

The Thiel College Student Government Association (SGA) exists to advocate for student needs, promote student interests, increase student involvement and civic engagement, and serve as the voice for the student body. It is structured to provide support to student organizations and has the authority to allocate funding to recognized groups.

The SGA General Assembly is comprised of five elected executive board officers, four elected class officers for the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and one representative from each recognized SGA organization. All members of the General Assembly have voting power, and are expected to represent the best interests of the student body.

Meetings are typically held on a bi-weekly basis throughout each semester, and all meetings are open to the entire student body. Student clubs and organizations at Thiel College must be recognized members of the SGA in order to be considered official (with exception to Greek letter organizations and varsity athletic programs). If we don’t have an organization that you are interested in, we make it very easy to start a new organization on campus.

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