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Thiel Forum - Dr. Michael Balas, Dr. Bob Batchelor, Prof. Lisa Walton, Dr. Laurie Moroco

The Thiel Forums are held on select Thursdays from 4 - 5 p.m. in the Sawhill-Georgian Room. It provides faculty, students, and staff an opportunity to share projects or publications and to discuss their work. Moreover, it provides a wonderful opportunity for collegiality and camaraderie while it is centered on the academic enterprise. The Thiel Forums also give recipients of sabbaticals or scholarship funding an opportunity to discuss their projects.

  • Dr. Michael Balas will discuss a STEM conference he recently attended and how quantitative literacy may be integrated into the curriculum;
  • Dr. Robert Batchelor will deliver a TED-like talk on the topic of intellectual curiousity;
  • Dr. Laurie Moroco will discuss here summer '13 Rowley Endowment experience;
  • Prof. Lisa Walton will discuss her fall 2012 sabbatical experience and her interest in food allergy advocacy


To learn more, contact Dr. Mary Theresa Hall at mthall@thiel.edu.