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Why Thiel

Why Thiel

Liberal Arts in Action

A Thiel College education doesn't just happen in the classroom. From study abroad to internships that can begin as early as the second semester of freshmen year and undergraduate research – students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum combined with personal guidance that prepares them for successful careers.

Campus Life

With more than 40 student clubs and organizations, you can find many ways to get involved with others that share your interests. Or better yet – start a new club or activity! In the past few years, students have started the rugby club, equestrian club, outdoors club, revitalized the college radio station (WXTC) and grown the marching band to over 90 participants. Student activities and greek life are other great ways to get involved.

Leaders on the Field and in the Classroom

Students are actively involved in a variety of athletic activities – Thiel offers 24 varsity teams, most competing at the NCAA Division III level, and many intramurals. Our athletic program will encourage you and support you to achieve your best – in the classroom and on the field.

Financial Aid Made Easy

Anticipate a simple financial aid process at Thiel. You receive individual counseling to help make your education a reality, including the possibility for affordable payment plans for your family.

Every accepted student is considered for academic merit aid, need-based assistance, additional grants and scholarships. Accepted students also are eligible to compete for academic scholarships up to full tuition (qualified students only). The results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are reviewed each February to determine eligibility for need-based awards (state grants and Pell grants), self-help opportunities (campus work study) and loans (subsidized and unsubsidized loans).