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Haller Scholarship

Haller Scholarship

Up to 20 $2,000 Haller Enterprise Institute academic scholarships are provided annually to students who are currently involved in entrepreneurial activity and are committed to future involvement. Online applications open in late fall. Contact Kelsey Kuznicki with any questions.


The application period is closed for the fall 2017 semester.

Scholarship Details

  • Available to prospective and current Thiel students in any major
  • Awarded on the basis of present involvement in entrepreneurial activity and entrepreneurial goals for the future
  • Awarded in the amount of $2,000
  • Awarded for one academic year and must be reapplied for annually


  • Actively participate in Haller Enterprise Institute programs and activities
  • Continue to demonstrate entrepreneurial interest and involvement
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Demonstrate proper conduct at all times within the community

Scholarship Recipients


2017-18 Upperclassmen

  • Ryan Ball
  • Christopher Boff
  • Andrew Casile
  • Dana DePaulo
  • Crystal Durachko
  • Terri Eddy
  • Gregory Galbo
  • Alec Gamble
  • Brent Henderson
  • Rachel Laughlin
  • Vincent Mion
  • Jacob Morgan
  • Jessica Orczeck
  • Justin Pearce
  • Randy Santarelli
  • Alexander Streich
  • Desiree Totten
  • Jessica Wilson

2017-18 Incoming Freshmen

  • Jameel Basit
  • Patrick Cloonan
  • Amy Casale
  • Alyssa Jedry
  • Louis Karellas
  • Patrick McFarland
  • Nicole Pereksta
  • Spencer Rinaldi
  • Andrew Tonkin

Henry Evan Scholarship

  • Matthew Gayda