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Local Roots, Global Reach

Local Roots, Global Reach

Korea. India. Spain. Mexico. Australia. Italy. Nicaragua. New Zealand. (And those are just some of the destinations where Thiel students have studied recently.) Thiel is abroad!

One of the most exciting and educational experiences at Thiel is the opportunity to study abroad. As part of our commitment to educational excellence and global awareness, we offer opportunities for our students to become world-ready leaders through many study abroad programs. There is no better way to learn, mature and develop self-confidence than immersing yourself in the challenge of a foreign culture.

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Current Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Our faculty-led short-term Study Tour program promotes international exploration in May of every year. Last year, 14 students went to London and Paris, while six toured Italy, with each tour, a 3 credit course is combined. In addition to a service trip to Nicaragua over our spring break, the Study Tour program will aim to travel to South Africa and Eastern Europe or Spain in May of 2016. Financial aid is available for these Study Tours on an academically competitive basis.
  • Semester-long exchange programs with three top-tier Korean universities in Seoul: EWHA, Dongguk and Duksung Universities, where classes are offered, in English, to participants.
  • A chance to explore South American and Spanish culture in Ecuador's largest city, Quayaquil, through UEES.

How can I study abroad?

The study abroad coordinator, Dr. Matt Morgan, is ready and eager to help you develop a personalized, international experience at quality partner universities around the world. We also help bring together groups, led by Thiel faculty, who explore the true meaning of global citizenship by venturing to unique destinations during short "study away" experiences.

We encourage study abroad during the junior year, but travel during sophomore and senior years is possible. It is never too early to begin planning – schedule an appointment with the study abroad coordinator to learn more about how your dream of global travel can become a reality.

Additional Resources

Thiel College offers several sources for funding and planning study abroad programs.