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A religion major is excellent preparation for graduate study in religion, a career in ordained ministry or as a scholar of religion, but that is not all. During the last five years, 100 percent of Thiel religion majors who have chosen graduate studies have been accepted at their first-choice graduate school. During that same period, religion majors who have not gone onto graduate studies have an employment rate of 100 percent in careers such as teacher, insurance agent, retail manager or nonprofit administrator.

Alumni Stories

Richard R. McNeal ’06
Library Specialist at Emory University, Atlanta, Ga.

“Whether you are considering ministry, an academic career or simply taking courses to enrich your intellectual or professional interests, you’ll find more than adequate space for your questions and interests to be accommodated. The [Religion department] faculty meets you in the middle; encouraging you on your path and pushing you to think in various ways about how religion shapes the human experience. I felt more than prepared to tackle graduate studies at a great institution like Emory University.”

  • Majors: Religion, Philosophy
  • Clubs & Activities: Varsity baseball, Alpha Chi and Theta Alpha Kappa
Rev. Marleen Griffith-Stull ’95
Pastor at First Lutheran Church, Greensburg, Pa.

“There are many reasons why I am proud to be a Thiel alumna. Thiel certainly prepared me for seminary. I not only knew Greek but also was much better prepared for my Biblical studies and theology classes than most of my classmates. The number one reason I am glad to have attended and graduated from Thiel is that the faculty and staff knew me personally!”

  • Major: Parish Education, Religion
  • Clubs & Activities: Lutheran Student Movement, Campus Ministry student worker and Honors Program