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Psychology is the science that deals with the behavior of humans and animals and includes many areas of specific interest within the discipline, including perception, learning, memory, intelligence, counseling, personality, development, abnormal behavior and social behavior. You will study the scientific method and be able to apply it to test hypotheses and psychological theories. This dynamic major will prepare you for any career that involves dealing with people (and try to think of one that doesn’t)!

By studying psychology at Thiel College, you will be able to:

  • Be flexible – choose from a variety of courses in which you will learn practical lessons
  • Double up – many students choose to double major in psychology as it is a superb complement to criminal justice studies, sociology, education, communication sciences & disorders, biology and neuroscience
  • Explore the final frontier – not space, but rather the brain! In conjunction with the Biology Department, we offer a unique interdisciplinary neuroscience program