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A philosophy degree is one of the most versatile college degrees, and one of the most practical. Philosophy majors are top-scorers on graduate entrance exams such as the LSAT and GRE and many philosophy majors apply their skill-sets to careers that demand a high degree of competence in analytic problem solving.

Common post-college options for our majors include law school and further graduate-level education in philosophy itself, or specialized certificate programs leading to careers in corporate or medical ethics. Some former Thiel College philosophy graduates are currently college professors, lawyers, clergy, business owners, accountants, and school teachers. By mid-career, philosophy graduates’ salaries are much higher than for most other majors.

Alumni Stories

Alison Kuder ’05
Greenville, Pa.

“[As] a student, people [often asked]: ‘What are you going to do with a degree in philosophy?’ My standard response was (and still is) ‘What am I not going to do with a degree in philosophy?’ I did not view my education at Thiel as a means of learning a trade, rather [to learn] how to think outside of the box, analyze and solve problems creatively. These skills were especially honed as a philosophy major and have served me extremely well in both my personal and professional lives.”

  • Major: Philosophy
  • Minor: English

Shea Maier ’13
Wellsboro, Pa.

“Thiel, as a liberal arts school, has enabled and encouraged me to take a wide array of classes. This ignited interests for me and allowed me to delve a little deeper. There is a greater opportunity [at Thiel] for one-on-one help between student and professor, and I feel that more gets accomplished because of that.”

  • Majors: Religion, Philosophy
  • Philosophy

Arthur A. White Jr., Ph.D.

Department Chair

📱 724-589-2091