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  • Abagale Steidl, Esq. '10
  • Kevin Woods '10
  • Ashley Crothers '09
  • Amanda (Rooney) Stierli '07
  • Rev. David Bowman '08
  • Kayla (Cashner) Shook '07

As a history major, you’ll study the origins of contemporary civilization and its political, economic, social and cultural aspects; awaken to a consciousness of other cultures, ways of thought and standards of value; recreate as fully and as accurately as possible significant periods of history; learn how to find, analyze and interpret historical evidence; and develop a sense of historical perspective. History majors develop an ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing, and the capacity to think clearly and analytically.

By studying history at Thiel College, you’ll be able to:

  • Work closely with experienced and enthusiastic instructors
  • Participate in historical simulations (such as the tumultuous debates in the French Parliament during the French Revolution or trench warfare during World War I)
  • Join Phi Alpha Theta, Thiel’s chapter of this international history honor society; members can present their original research at the regional conference each year
  • Study abroad in countries such as Italy and Nicaragua with our professors to deepen your understanding of global cultures while earning credit toward your degree

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Amanda (Rooney) Stierli '07 received the Young Alumni Award during the 2015 Homecoming celebration