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Perhaps the most frequent question asked of beginning college students is “What’s your major?” Although many students believe they have decided their major before they begin college, as many as 80 percent either do not know what their major is or will change majors during their first year of college. The exploratory designation at Thiel College offers students who are uncertain about their major(s) the opportunity to work closely with an academic adviser and set out on a path to discover which major best fits their interests, values and skills.

Curriculum Highlights

When you begin your college years as an exploratory student, you will be guided to select one of Thiel’s five umbrella areas: Humanities/Fine & Performing Arts, STEM, Social Sciences, Business or Education. You will meet regularly with a specially trained adviser in the umbrella area throughout your first year. The adviser will work individually with you to facilitate your major selection – utilizing instruments that assess your skills, values and personal interests. Exploratory advisers will work closely with the Office of Career Services to involve you in intentional explorations of career paths and allow you to select experiential learning activities to enhance your major search (shadowing, internships, co-ops, etc).

Special Features

By beginning your college career as an exploratory major, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive personal attention from a faculty adviser who has experience and training in major discernment.
  • Focus individually and in group settings on defining your values, skills and interests to help define your choice of major and career pathways.
  • Work closely with the Career Services Office to investigate experiential learning opportunities that will help shape your career goals:
    • Shadow a professional in a career that interests you
    • Conduct an informational interview with a professional in a career that interests you
    • Begin cooperative education experiences in the second semester of your freshman year
    • Use specialized software to explore multiple careers

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