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Jared Johnson

Dr. Jared Johnson
Assistant Professor of English, Department Chair

📞 724-589-2146
 Greenville Hall 313


Melissa Borgia

Melissa Borgia-Askey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English

📞 724-589-2237


Brenda DelMaramo

Brenda K. DelMaramo, M.A.
Lecturer of English

📞 724-589-2732
 Greenville Hall

Mark DelMaramo

Mark J. DelMaramo, Ph.D.
Professor of English

📞 724-589-2156
 Greenville Hall


Mary Theresa Hall

Mary Theresa Hall, Ph.D.
Professor of English, Faculty Chair

📞 724-589-2154
 Greenville Hall


Christopher Moinet

Christopher H. Moinet, Ph.D.
Professor of English

📞 724-589-2157
 Greenville Hall


Adjunct Professors
Nancy Katz, M.A.
nkatz@thiel.edu | 724-589-2254 | Greenville Hall

Karen Kollar, M.A.
kkollar@thiel.edu | 724-589-2346 | Greenville Hall

Noel Stanger, M.A. ’07
nstanger@thiel.edu | 724-589-2071

Mary Lynn Varley, M.A.
mvarley@thiel.edu | 724-589-2201 | Greenville Hall

Faculty Emeriti

Evelyn C. Baer, M.A.
Professor of English (1951-1989)

Richard A. Schroeder, Ph.D.
Professor of English (1970-1998)

Jay A. Ward, Ph.D.
Professor of English (1978-2008)