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Course Offerings

COMM 150: Introduction to Film
3 CH

This course is an introduction to the study of film as an aesthetic, cultural and historical form. Students will acquire an historical understanding of American film production and a critical perspective from which to view contemporary film. Beginning with the silent films of the early 1900s and continuing through the films of the 2000s, this course will examine Hollywood cinema as an institution: its history, genres and work as both a cultural form and an industry.

COMM 155: Introduction to Integrated Marketing
3 CH

An introduction to the historical, theoretical and practical implications of integrated marketing communications across delivery channels to a broad array of stakeholders. The course demonstrates how an integrated marketing communication perspective strengthens an organization's overall identity, image and reputation.

COMM 160: Oral Interpretation of Literature
4 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

The techniques and application of orally interpreting literature, including choral speaking and readers' theatre.

COMM 171: Introduction to Communication
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

A survey course designed to create an awareness of the basic principles and skills of human communication. Students are introduced to the concepts and elements of the human communication process, from interpersonal to small group to public communication.

COMM 175: History of Communication
3 CH

An examination of the history of speech and human communication both as a set of practices and as a subject of academic inquiry.

COMM 181: Public Speaking
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  WIC

An introduction to developing effective skills for public speaking, including preparing and organizing the speech, content and delivery and evaluating the speech.

COMM 220: Introduction to Journalism
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  WIC

The theory and practice of newspaper production including effective writing and reporting.

COMM 225: Interpersonal Communication
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  WIC

This course will introduce students to interpersonal communication, specifically to the ideas and theories about how and why people communicate, and how they can improve their communication skills with one another.

COMM 235: Announcing
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

Fundamentals of voice and diction as applied to radio and TV, including commercial, public service and news announcing.

COMM 250: Small Group Communication
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring

Understanding the dynamics and issues of small group communication. Topics include roles and rules of the small group, structure, problem solving and leadership.

COMM 255: Dissecting Disney
3 CH

A history and study of the Walt Disney Company, its holdings and entities, and its impact on American culture and the global community.

COMM 265: Communication and Gender
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

An introduction to the study of communication and gender where students become aware of diversity in communication styles and practices within each gender group. Course objectives include exploration, observation, discussion and understanding of gender in communication.

COMM 275: Special Topics
3 CH

Topics not covered in regularly-scheduled courses that are within faculty members' areas of expertise.

COMM 280: Survey of Mass Communication
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

A survey of the mass media and their effects on and interrelationships with each other, American society and the global community.

COMM 281: Media Literacy
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring

Learn analytical and critical skills that help develop personal awareness and understanding of media influences in our lives, including how to respond appropriately to those influences.

COMM 282: Writing for Mass Media
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  WIC

An introduction to basic writing skills, techniques and formats for various media, including radio and TV. May include news, features, commercials and public services announcements.

COMM 300: Persuasion
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  WIC

Study and evaluate persuasion theories, strategies and arguments in various contexts, such as interpersonal persuasion, political campaigns, social movements and advertisements.

COMM 301: Radio Broadcasting and Production
3 CH

Introduction to radio programming and formats. Includes equipment operation, scripting and production of commercials, public service announcements and/or news or features. (P: COMM 282)

COMM 302: TV Studio Production
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring

Introduction to studio TV production. Includes producing, directing and operating all studio equipment. (P: COMM 282, COMM 301)

COMM 303: Field Production and Editing
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

Develop programs and/or announcements and/or news or features produced with portable field equipment. Field video equipment will also be used to film live sporting events. Students will produce, write, direct, shoot and edit TV field productions and short films. (P: COMM 282, COMM 302)

COMM 304: Newswriting
3 CH   /  WIC

Theory and practice of gathering, writing and editing news for all media. (P: COMM 282)

COMM 305: Television News Production
3 CH   /  WIC

This course is a hands-on approach to the process of developing TV news and/or feature stories and/or programs. It requires writers, producers, talent/reporters and equipment operators. (P: COMM 302, COMM 303, COMM 304)

COMM 315: Advanced Journalism
3 CH   /  WIC

An advanced course in gathering, writing, editing and reporting for newspapers. (P: COMM 220)

COMM 321: Organizational Communication
3 CH   /  WIC

This course examines the form and function of communication in complex organizations including the roles that individuals and groups play in decision making, conflict management and organizational culture.

COMM 325: Communication Ethics
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  WIC

To develop students' abilities to identify issues and reflect upon ethical dimensions of political, social and professional life, and to understand the ways in which they can exercise responsibility and practice professional civility. Examines the moral and ethical problems posed by communication practices.

COMM 331: Intercultural Communication
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  WIC

Basic concepts and issues to help develop or improve student awareness, sensitivity and skills in communicating with members of different cultures and microcultures.

COMM 335: Film in American Culture
3 CH

This course explores the interactive role of film and the American audiences, including film technology, influences on society and issues of morality and values portrayed on the silver screen as well as in our homes.

COMM 340: Public Relations
3 CH   /  Offered Every Spring   /  WIC

Basic concepts of public relations, including theory, history, organization, ethics and writing skills.

COMM 350: Print Media Production
3 CH

Develop skills for desktop publishing, layout and design. (P: COMM 220)

COMM 355: Cooperative Education
Credit Hours Vary

See Thiel College Academic Catalog for opportunities and details. Students MUST obtain PRIOR WRITTEN approval from the Department of Communication chair.

COMM 405: Advanced Public Relations
3 CH   /  WIC

Public relations writing and case studies will be emphasized. (P: COMM 340)

COMM 415: Advanced Film Production
3 CH

This course explores the entire digital filmmaking process by allowing students to gain theoretical and practical experience in the pre-production, production and post-production of a dramatic film. Students will be required to fill all essential positions of a film's crew and must have pre-existing completed film script prior to class start. (P: COMM 303 and COMM 282 and/or ENG 286.)

COMM 430: Rhetoric and Culture
3 CH   /  WIC

Designed to acquaint students with the classical through contemporary rhetorical communication theories from Plato to Kenneth Burke and beyond, including how these theories influence contemporary culture. (P: Junior or Senior standing)

COMM 440: Communication Theory
3 CH

A survey of many theoretical perspectives and approaches to the study of speech and human communication and related areas. (P: Junior or senior standing)

COMM 445: Mass Communication Theory
3 CH

A survey and study of various theories of the processes and effects of mass communication. (P: Junior or senior standing)

COMM 455: Media Law and Regulation
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall

A comprehensive study of the legal and regulatory environment in which mass media operate in the United States. Includes First Amendment issues, government agencies and the Supreme Court decisions affecting media and society. (P: Junior or senior standing)

COMM 470: Senior Seminar
3 CH   /  Offered Every Fall   /  WIC

Independent research project on a selected and instructor-approved topic in the student's area of specialization. Includes seminar-style meetings for discussion of readings and research. (P: Senior standing)

COMM 480: Communication Internship
Credit Hours Vary   /  Offered Every Semester

Opportunity to work full- or part-time in a communication-related workplace. (P: Junior or senior standing and appropriate academic standing. PRIOR arrangement and WRITTEN approval from the Department of Communication chair and the Thiel College internship coordinator)

COMM 485: Study Abroad: Selected Topics in Communication
3 CH

A study abroad selected topics course focuses on either a specific culture or theme in communication and analyzes the communication patterns of the culture or theme in the country or region. International travel is required.

COMM 490: Independent Study
1-4 CH

(P: Senior standing. PRIOR WRITTEN approval from the supervising instructor and the Department of Communication chair.)

COMM 495: Research Methods
3 CH   /  WIC

An introduction to the principles, procedures and tools of qualitative and quantitative research used in the analysis of communication situations and research design. (P: Senior standing and permission of instructor)