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Articulation Agreements

Art Institute of Pittsburgh (AiP)

Commercial Art (3+1)Prof. Sean McConnor

  • Year of study at AiP
  • Degrees received: B.A. in Commercial Art from Thiel

Culinary Arts Program (3+1)Prof. Angelo Giannini

  • Two years spent at Thiel, one year spent at AiP, final year spent at Thiel
  • Degrees received: B.A. in Business Administration from Thiel, certificate in Culinary Arts from AiP

Fashion and Retail ManagementProf. Angelo Giannini

  • Diploma received from AiP

Case Western Reserve University

Binary Engineering Program (3+2)Dr. Patrick Hecking

  • Degrees received: B.S. in Binary Engineering from Thiel, B.S. in Engineering from Case Western
  • Learn more

Chatham University

The Faculty Admissions Committee is now requiring all applicants to submit official GRE scores for admission to the program. This includes Accelerated Graduate Program applicants (3-2) and applicants from our schools with articulation agreements.

Physician Assistant program (3+2)Dr. Sarah Swerdlow

  • Guarantees students an interview at Chatham during junior year
  • If accepted, 4th year is spent at Chatham toward B.A. at Thiel. Additional year spent at Chatham to earn M.P.A.
  • Learn about requirements on the Chatham website
  • Degrees received: B.A. from Thiel, M.P.A. from Chatham

Duke University

Nicholas School's Master of Forestry (MF) or Master of Environmental Management (MEM) programs - Dr. Michael Balas

Duquesne University School of Law

Accelerated J.D. program (3+3)Dr. Marie Courtemanche

  • After three years of study at Thiel, qualified students are guaranteed admission to the Duquesne University School of Law for three more years
  • Degrees received: B.A. in Political Science from Thiel, Juris Doctorate degree from Duquesne University.

Gannon University

Occupational Therapy program (4+3) – Dr. Shannon Deets

  • Prerequisites: Thiel College B.A., C in pre-requisite courses, 3.0 overall GPA, internship
  • Degrees received: B.A. in Biology or Psychology from Thiel, M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Gannon

Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program (4+2.5)Dr. Sarah Swerdlow

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)

Pharmacy programs (3+3 and 4+3 Early Acceptance Program)Dr. Kathryn Frantz

  • Degree received: Doctor of Pharmacy

Osteopathy program (3+4 and 4+4)Dr. Sarah Swerdlow, Dr. Christopher Stanisky

  • Guaranteed interview for Thiel students with Biology or Chemistry major and minimum 3.2 GPA
  • Degrees received: B.A. from Thiel (upon completion of first year at LECOM), Doctor of Osteopathy from LECOM

Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS)

  • 5 semesters at Thiel, 3 trimesters at PIMS
  • Certain requirements apply, see Prof. David Miller
  • Degrees received: B.A. in Business Administration from Thiel, diploma in funeral directing and embalming from PIMS

Saint Vincent Health System (Erie, PA)

Medical TechnologyDr. Sarah Swerdlow

University of Pittsburgh (Pitt)

Binary or "Dual Degree" Engineering Program (3+2)Dr. Patrick Hecking

  • Degrees received: B.A. or B.S. in Binary Engineering from Thiel, B.S. in Engineering from Pitt
  • Learn more

WCA Hospital (Jamestown, NY)

Medical TechnologyDr. Sarah Swerdlow

Internships & Study Abroad

EWHA Women’s University Dr. Matt Morgan

  • Two female students per year can choose to study in South Korea

Semester in Washington (all majors)Dr. Marie Courtemanche

  • Supervised internship program offered by Lutheran Colleges’ Washington Consortium

This list is updated regularly, but please refer to the Academic Catalog (2016-2017) or listed advisor for the most accurate information.