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A Letter from the Dean

A Letter from the Dean

“The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to supporting the academic flourishing of every Thiel student. We believe that each of you can exceed expectations and contribute uniquely to your own success and to the success of the College.

Recent higher education research reveals that only 30% of young adults now possess a four-year college degree. It is also understood that completing this degree is the single most important step you can take toward building a bright future: securing a good job, advancing in your career, raising a family, and contributing to the wealth of ideas, innovation, and service to the greater good that constitute a life well lived.

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught the youth of Athens that knowledge is the key to fulfilling our potential as human beings. He taught that if a person understood correctly, he or she would act correctly – make good choices, solve important problems, and, in general, enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying life. The work of Academic Affairs – which happens most importantly in the classroom and by means of your interactions with the dedicated and informed faculty of the College – is designed to inspire you to learn deeply and to use what you learn wisely and well.”

Lynn Franken, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of the College

Student of the Month program

The 2014-15 Student-of-the-Month program is now open! This program recognizes seniors who represent all academic departments and programs at Thiel College. Students are selected by their professors, administrators and staff members for this honor and selected based on criteria that are derived primarily from the mission statement of Thiel College:

  • Scholarship (3.6 GPA or higher)
  • Completed at least four semesters at Thiel College
  • Ethical and responsible leadership
  • Consistently solid work ethic
  • Good representatives of departments/programs at Thiel College

Dean Franken reads all the nomination forms and chooses two students for each month: October, November, December; February, March and April.