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Thiel 2016 Strategic Plan

Thiel 2016 Strategic Plan

In March 2011, in preparation for the sesquicentennial of Thiel College in 2016, a Strategic Planning Committee was established to develop a Strategic Plan and consultant Peter T. Mitchell was hired to facilitate the process. The committee has representatives from each area of the campus: board members, administration, faculty, staff and community leaders.

An ambitious timetable was drafted and the committee set to work. On each step of the way, various constituencies on campus were consulted to gather data and give input. The results of the committee's findings were presented to the Board of Trustees at their Nov. 4, 2011 meeting. The Board provided feedback and the final draft was brought before the Board at their Feb. 11, 2012 meeting where it was unanimously approved.

The strategic plan presented to the Board is built on four major pillars:

  • A Commitment to Academic Excellence and Relevance that combines the best of the liberal arts tradition with career and life skills
  • A Commitment to a Culture of Caring and Confidence that fosters intellectual rigor, creativity, health, wellness and athletic competition, leadership, diversity and social, ethical and spiritual development
  • A Commitment to Enhanced Facilities and Infrastructure that support academic and co-curricular programs, residence life, and administrative services
  • A Commitment to Superior Delivery of Programs and Services in all areas of College life

Under each of these four pillars, several topics were developed that will help to implement the pillars across the campus. Goals have also been developed to help in making the plan relevant and real—to provide clear direction so that the plan can truly benefit the College.


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